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This Website Is Dedicated To The Memory Of

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Photo of Gregory Michael Smith



Gregory Michael Smith
May 29, 1962 - Dec. 2, 2002

(Photo taken in front of the Trail Map at Woody Gap, near his home in Dahlonega)



After his injury in an automobile accident in 1990, Greg turned to managing several computer-based businesses.  With his many talents and newly learned computer skills, and as a volunteer, he assisted other people with disabilities through his involvement with the Access Center for Independent Living, and on his own.

Greg worked diligently as an advocate for the disabled.  He was successful, not only locally, but at the regional and state levels as well.  Through his continued and untiring effort, programs advancing equal rights for Georgia’s disabled were implemented.  At the time of his death, Greg was involved in coordinating an effort to implement and fund a Medicaid Buy-In program for Georgia’s disabled.

From early 1997 and to the time of his death in 2002, Greg served as Webmaster for Nimblewill Nomad.  On this site he documented Nomad’s many adventures, for all to read.  By posting Nomad’s journal entries, folks were able to follow along day-to-day, all across North America, from the Ten Million Steps trek of 1998, through the transcontinental odyssey of 2002.

Greg's last written words to the Nomad: "Thanks, Nimblewill Nomad, for sharing your experiences in such a way that you've managed to carry this broken, motionless body along on your amazing adventures."

Photo of Greg looking down the Dahlonega Valley from Woody Gap    

Photo of Nomad and Justin Pressley, friend to Greg and former webmaster

Left -
Greg on the Appalachian Trail, backpack on, looking down the Dahlonega Valley from Woody Gap

Right - The Nomad with Justin Pressley, friend to Greg, and former webmaster


*A LIFE OF GRACE [12-99]


I have a friend who has been dealt,
A monumental blow.
For he’s not free like you and me,
He can’t get up and go.

‘twas on a dark and fateful morn,
He most near met his maker.
They pried him from that gruesome scene,
To greet the undertaker.

But God was not through with him…
His days here on this earth.
And though he’ll never walk again,
My friend has found true worth.

His life he lives full measure,
As good as it can get.
There’s not a trace of lingering doubt,
Self pity…or regret.

You’d think that he’d be bitter with
His quadriplegic life.
But like no man I’ve ever met,
He’s learned to deal with strife.

His is a faith that’s firm and strong,
A glow from deep within.
His countenance from ear-to-ear…
That old familiar grin!

So when the shuffle’s dealt to me,
A little out of whack.
I think of this courageous man,
To put me back on track.

Oh, what true inspiration!
A blessing he’s my friend.
For though his life was over…
He lives his life again.

N. Nomad

*My dear friend, Greg Smith.

Rockin' Roller
We'll walk together soon, dear friend.
God Bless,

(Background music: "Emanuel")


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